Services related to LNG

We offer various services in the field of liquefied gas.

Since April 2017, its LNG Division has started services related to LNG and other cleaner energy shipping segments.

Ship Chartering of LNG Carriers

We offer fixtures between owners and charters of LNG Carriers through the growing market and/or global private channels.

・Finding a suitable LNGC and/or marketing of the ships.
・The research of its spot market trends.
・Coordination of Sales and Purchase of LNGCs.

Business Development of Liquefied Gas in Marine Fuel

IMO is moving forward with a marked reduction in the maximum sulfur content of marine fuel from 2020, and an initial strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emission from ships has been adopted. We facilitate a project of liquefied gas fuel of any type of ships.

・The research of liquefied fueled ships and lower CO2 emission ships.
・The research of dual fuel engines and cryogenic equipment.
・The research of LNG bunkering (Japan and other countries).
・Project Management of its related business.





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