Message from the President

Our company was founded shortly after the end of the Second World War in 1954. It was a time when all Japanese merchant ships were lost and a great many seafarers died.

Since that time the Japanese shipping industry has rebuilt, the economy has grown and our company has helped the international shipping industry prosper by providing a wide variety of attractive services and products. We strive to give timely, accurate and valuable information to our clients and expand and adapt to the changing business environment.

We have built an extensive network and knowledge base both in Japan and abroad over the years and gathered passionate and experienced employees and cultivated their growth internally. Moreover, it is our responsibility to deepen and expand this network and skillset of employees.

As you may well know energy, as it relates to the shipping industry and transportation is entering a big turning point now and in the years to come. Future implications for the environment and its effect on shipping will bring great changes and opportunities.

If the proposed ship fuel changes are to be enforced, it will be the first major changes in 100 years, since 1914 when coal burning was switched to oil during the First World War. Such progress will indeed create a new field for shipping.

We will always stay hungry to seek new opportunities, evolve with new changes and embrace new challenges for the future.





Hisaaki Masuda