Grain Transportation

Connecting shippers with operators. Supporting food/feed transportation in worldwide.

With the full support of first-class operators, we arrange the quality vessels which completely match shippers requirement. By helping to supply the tonnage, we contribute to deliver the food/feed grain to all over the world.

Cargo Broker

Since our foundation, we have been involving in grain transportation all around the world as Cargo Broker. Based on our customers requirement (vessel size, Loading/Discharging ports etc), we consult with Operators to supply most suitable vessel to them.
We mainly have business with trading companies and grain majors as Shippers, and first class shipping companies as Operators.
As a result of good relationship with those excellent customers, approximately 30% of the total import volume of soybean, corn, wheat and canola to Japan is transported through our fixture.
Besides the import cargo to Japan, we are also working on trilateral trade such as from US to China or South East Asia where demand for grain cargo is surging up recent years.

Handling cargo

Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Canola, Soybean Meal, DDGS, Milo, Barley, Rice, others

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