Marine Transport Project

We conduct consulting services related to ship owning

The shipping industry is increasingly becoming more important in its role, supported by robust packing against the backdrop of the global economic recovery. Meanwhile, as shipbuilding industry is being strengthened internationally as ship’s environmental regulations are strengthened, in the next decade, large-scale ship turnover with advanced energy saving specifications will proceed and recovery of the shipbuilding industry will be expected.

Based on this background, we believe that now as a great opportunity to create new value added, we are involved in the composition and operation of ship investment funds based on customer-focused marketing, consultant services on ship ownership and ship financing We actively develop a variety of businesses, such as intermediary.

Shipowner’s business and operations consignment service

Throughout ship owning and management experiences, including high-ranking Japanese shipping companies, we are offering high-quality vessels in the form of long-term and medium-term chartered vessels to the world’s leading shipping companies and operators.

In response to requests from ship owners, we also engage in shipping service consignment business that creates the highest added value based on safety management by taking advantage of our many years of shipping service know-how and the world network.

We are working on the creation of merchant ships responsible for the next generation, global shipping logistics business

Together with Honda Heavy Industries of the group company, we provide research and development of merchant ships for the next generation that considers energy conservation and the environment, as well as its utilization based on a stable earnings model to shipowners all over the world.

We also play a part in local economic development centering on new shipbuilding and existing ship intermediary for infrastructure and logistics development in developing countries.





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