Machine & Chemical Products Sales / Maintenance Work

We are servicing in the supervision and maintenance work.
We have been carrying out the operation of tank cleaning, descaling & painting and etc for the marine and industrial field for many years in Japan and the foreign countries such as Singapore, China and others and also on voyage.
We have many experiences and built a good reputation especially in the marine industrial.

Utilizing its work experience, we are servicing mainly in the manufacture & sale of marine machinery and sale of chemical products which are being carried on since established the company. In addition to the different field, we develop, produce and sale the various cleaners for “Bowling” through our knowledge and experience of the development of chemical product.
We aim to provide excellent services and continue to develop and produce new products.


Main products handled

Machinery For Ship
・Portable Gas Free Fan
・Air Driven Winch
・Special Nozzle for Washing in Cargo Hold Tank
・Deck Washing Machine
・Membrane Type Controlled Air Dehumidification Devices
・Equipment for Prevents Corrosive Deterioration and Scaling Of Pipes

Materials For Prevention Of Environmental Pollution
・Oil Spill Dispersants
・Oil Fence
・Oil Absorbents

Chemical Products
・Various Cleaner for Ship & Industrial
・Prevents for Growth of Marine Microorganisms
・Anti-Wear Agents for Low Sulfur Fuels
・Cleaner Related to Bowling

Main services

Main place of services : Japan / Singapore / China / During the voyage

・Tank Cleaning
・Arrangement of disposal for oily waste
・Descaling and Painting (Hydro-Blasting / Power Tooling / etc)
・Repairing & Overhauling for our marine machinery
・Afloat & Voyage Repair







For further information, please contact us at

Marine Supply Dept. [ Machine Products ]
Phone +81-3-6369-8023

Marine Supply Dept. [ Chemical Products ]
Phone +81-3-6369-8021

Marine Engineering Dept.
Phone +81-3-6369-8024