1947 Incorporated as Yamamizu Company Ltd. with 180,000 yen capital for sale of foodstuffs and porcelain.
1948 Capital increased to 1 million yen.
1952 Appointed by Gamlem Chemical Co., U.S. as exclusive distributor in Japan for petrochemical additives and chemical solvents.
1956 Started the sale of fuel oil and lubricating oil for ships. Capital increased to 5 million yen.
1957 Changed company name to Yamamizu Trading Co., Ltd. and started the business of chemical cleaning of ship tanks and engines.
1961 Succeeded in the development of tank cleaning machines and various gas-freeing apparatuses.
1963 Succeeded in the development and sale of equipments to prevent marine pollution such as oil fence, oil dispersant, and oil recovery apparatuses, etc.
1964 Capital increased to 20 million yen.
1967 Capital increased to 51 million yen.
1969 Started the business of design, construction, and sale of polluted water disposal systems for environmental protection, and sound insulation systems.
1975 Capital increased to 100 million yen.
1976 Established a corporation in Singapore and expanded overseas sales services network.
1978 Developed large-capacity crude oil washing machines and automatic deck-washing machines.
1983 Succeeded in joint development, manufacture, and sale of low grade fuel oil treatment device.
1989 Started the sale of sludge build-up preventive agitation device for large oil storage tanks.
1992 Changed company name to Exeno Yamamizu Corporation.
1999 Established ship agency division.
2000 Started ship operation and grain transportation.
2002 Capital increased to 300 million yen.
2003 Established S&P division.
2004 Started ship registration agent.
2005 Renewed Yokohama Branch Office and renamed it Yokohama Logistics Center.
2005 Established Honda Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
2006 Capital increased to 450 million yen.
2013 Partial business reorganization with Yamamizu Shipping Co., Ltd. Inherited YAMAMIZU Index.
2015 Moved Yokohama Logistics Center and renamed it Shinagawa Logistics Office.
2017 Established Energy dept.